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Capital Art Inc. was established to acquire, edition, and manage some of the most valuable iconic photographic images, and to internationally market limited editions and reproductions created from the original negatives.

- Photos by Bert Stern -

Capital Art sells and distributes classic and contemporary limited edition photographic images and reproductions with a focus on iconic celebrity images. The company owns and/or manages an amazing array of valuable photography including the works of the late Frank Worth, who was the “confidant to the stars” during the Golden Era of Hollywood, and classic images by Bob Willoughby, Richard E. Aaron, Terry O’Neill, Bert Stern and  Gered Mankowitz.

- Photos by Bob Willoughby -

Investment in iconic photographic images is increasingly becoming an important component for a growing number of art collectors and investors. As photography is becoming an asset class in its own right, and with a rapidly growing middle class, the demand for iconic images will continue to increase with little new material coming to the market.

We believe that this will continue to drive prices higher.

The Frank Worth Collection for example is composed of analog negatives, which also have an increasing intrinsic collector’s value themselves, as digital reproduction has virtually replaced the use of original negatives.

Christie’s of London, a leading art auction house, heralded the Frank Worth Collection as “the most extra-ordinary discovery of its kind in the last 50 years”.

- Photos by Frank Worth -

Most famous photographers have a small number of iconic shots that are present in both museums and major private collections and that are often sold though major auction houses at premium prices. Capital Art focuses on these rare and sought-after images.

In addition to these rare, limited editions, we also produce and market Open Edition Prints of iconic photographs by Richard E. Aaron, Frank Worth, Bob Willoughby and other photographers.

- Photos by Richard Aaron -

The company maintains a flagship gallery/show-room in Los Angeles and works closely with a number of famous interior decorators.

- Photos by Gered Mankowitz –

- Photos by Terry O’Neill -